Sunday, March 01, 2009

Masters of Song Fu #3, Round 2 voting starts

Well, after the voting for the last round, it would be easy to get discouraged, since I got a grand total of 43 votes, which fell way below what I call "the line of suck". What that means, is, that if you figure out how many votes each person would have gotten if they were randomly distributed, I got (far) less than that. While Molly Lewis may be aiming to better her 649 votes, and Hank Green may well double that since he now has mentioned the contest one of his videos, I would be happy to just end up above the line of suck.

About the song itself. The requirement was to write a song lasting at least 1 minute-15 seconds using only ten unique words. There was much confusion and general unhappiness about the task among contestants, but I liked the challenge from the beginning and I wrote my song, entitled You and I, within five minutes of reading the challenge. Given all of the limitations, including my own, involved in the song, I really like how it turned out. It is posted to the right.

Based on the two songs I've heard so far, and little hints from some remaining contestants, this round of Song Fu promises to be a wacky one. Hear the songs here.